Born in Austin, Texas, I grew up with printer paper in one hand, and a marker in the other. Currently enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics.


How we are formed

We are formed from dirt.

A thought that passes in wind and lands in our laps.

Wet with the spit of intimacy we become malleable.

Spit in my eyes and I in yours.

Maybe we will dissolve this to the thought that started it all.



My practice explores the power of tradition with its duality of benefits, downfalls, and dichotomy of love and hate. I am also in the business of creating dialogue around faith and sexuality, a cross section that not only needs more acknowledgement, but support. Using craft materials and customs as a starting point I expand on what can emerge from their context and proximity to one another. Similarly, this parallels with the expansion of ideologies and belief systems found in the Southern traditions.

Clay is a medium where the soft and hard coexist, where masculine and feminine qualities not only intersect but become the defining characteristics of the material. I also explore processed white bread as a medium with biblical connotations and representational of my southern white self.

We are all malleable. This practice is observing how our bend can be positive or negative.